Welcome to Gipson VA – secretarial support at your fingertips

Have you got endless ‘to-do’ lists that you never complete – tasks that keep getting put to the bottom of the pile?  Would you like more time to spend on generating revenue?

You may not think you can justify the expense or take the risk of hiring an extra pair of hands, but struggling on with your daily admin is probably not the best use of your valuable time.  By utilising the services of an off-balance sheet virtual assistant you can save yourself time and money.

Working from our office in Faversham, Kent we provide traditional, efficient, confidential PA and secretarial services via email, telephone and post and are able to support your needs without ever having to set foot inside your office – although we can do so where feasible.

Caroline's reports have been used in civil cases right up to the High Court; testament indeed to the exceptionally high quality of her work.

Dr Belinda Stuart-Moonlight BSc (Hons), PhD, FCIEH, MIOA, FRIPH
Moonlight Environmental Ltd